D’est a Ovest

D’est a Ovest.. From east to west.

Italy has a special place in my heart. Every aspect of life is somehow better in the country of wine, and the best food in the world. Learning the language is also high on my bucket list as soon I can find the time for it.

In my job I get the opportunity to work in every direction of the compass and to be honest.. I feel blessed for that. Doing the thing I love most, photography, I want to capture life and the moments in live. In my job and in weddings especially, I always look for those special moments that should be remembered for years to come.

This beautiful website will function as a personal blog about my travels all around the world and for you. I am still available for weddings, personal shoots with the two of you, your kids or maybe your family.

Please follow me and enjoy my photography from every part of the world and travel with me from East to West.. or how the Italian people call it… D’est a Ovest..

Contact me if you are curious about what I can do for you.