From auto to manual

You bought yourself a new fancy camera because you know the value of a great picture. Now the only thing you have to learn is how to operate it and finally get those beautiful pictures you wanted to create. In this workshop I will teach you everything, from the basic settings of the camera itself, to learn how to look and how to use the light.

The workshop will take about a day. We start in the morning when we discuss the settings, where I will talk you trough the meanings of RAW files, manual photography, Shutterspeeds, diafragma and ISO’s. After a wonderful lunch we pack up for some fieldwork.

After this day, you are able to operate your camera as you should be, and you can start on practicing and improving your skills.

- € 95 -
( Based on a mimimum of 6 persons )


When you are already familiar with your camera, photographing in RAW mode and you have some serious skills on how to edit your pictures, a mentorsession can be your thing. This kind of workshop is only on personal basis and dedicated only on you.

Photography is a creative proces and a lot of photographers are searching for a long time to find their own style. It took me a couple of years to find a way to express myself and found a way to see and capture as the way I felt comfortable with. For every photographer this can be different. If you like my style of work and capture the moments the way is see them, feel free to contact me and let’s meet. I’m an open book and are more than happy to share my passion, my way of seeing things and my way of editing with you.

- € 350 -
( Individual only )